全面更新: 欢迎光临新的平台网站!| Completely upgraded: Welcome to the new community website!

2019年3月9日 | March 9th, 2019

中国管理控制网上平台CCOC/ICV中国的平台网站最近几周完成了全面更新。| The website of China Controlling Online Community CCOC/ICV China has been completely upgraded in the last few weeks.

升级后的平台网站有哪些变化 | What's new with the newly upgraded community website:

>> 更友好 | More user-friendly

优化过的网站现在更适合于移动手机和平板电脑浏览。所有菜单栏目和页面都得到了简化处理,以便用户能更集中注意力于内容。| The website is now optimized for mobile phones and pads. All menu blocks and pages are streamlined so that the user can have more focus on the content. 

新增了“常见问答”栏目,以回答网上用户的常见问题。| A new section "FAQ" has been added to our site for providing answers to questions frequently asked by online users.

>> 更方便 | More convenient

现在网站的任何访客,都可以用电子邮件自行注册成为网站在线用户,即在短短几分钟内就可以自行成为平台免费会员,浏览只有注册用户才能看到的内容。| Any visitor of the website can now do email-based self-registration and become a registered online user. That means that, within a few minutes only, one can become a self-registered free member of our community and get access to the content which is only available to registered online users.  

>> 更开放 | More open

过去对访客或者非注册网上用户完全封闭的网页,比如历届“中德管理控制论坛”年度会议以及不定期的“中德企业管控沙龙”活动的网上空间,现在已经全部向公众开放。任何访客现在可以不要登陆就进入这些论坛或活动的网上空间了解详情。| Web pages which have been closed completely to visitors or non-registered online users, such the online space of our annual conferences "Sino-German Controlling Forum" and our irregular "Sino-German Controlling Salon" events, are now open to the general public. That means every visitor of our website can enter these online spaces for more information without login.

请注意,由于我们和部分合作方和演讲嘉宾的约定,部分嘉宾的演示文件目前还是只有这些论坛或活动的参会者才能打开。| Please notice that, due to our agreement with some co-organizers and VIP speakers, some VIP presentations are still reserved to the participants of relevant forum conference or event.

>> 更安全 | More secure

网站使用了SSL技术,让前台用户和后台服务器之间的数据传输更安全。 | The website uses SSL technology which makes the data transaction between frontend user and the backend server more secure. 

保护您的个人数据对我们来说至关重要。 我们遵守欧盟通用数据保护法规(GDPR)的规定。请阅读我们的“隐私数据保护声明”了解更多。| The protection of your personal data has the highest priority for us. We comply with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Please read our "Data Protection Statement" for more information.

网站内容结构的变化 | Change in content structure of the website

内容结构方面的变化主要有下面两点 | The change in the content structure is as follows:

>> “平台简讯”栏目 | Section "Community Newsletter"

平台将继续为平台所有会员和其他感兴趣的人群邮件发送“平台简讯”,但在更新过的网站上将不再设立专门的相关栏目。该栏目原先内容现在分列在下面三个栏目中:新辟的“管控博客”栏目包含了在原先“平台简讯”上发表的月度专题文章, “平台消息”栏目包含所有和平台及其活动相关的最新的和以往的消息, “管控培训”栏目提供原先的“平台简讯”中“近期讲座和研讨”部分的管控培训信息。

We will continue to send the "Community Newsletter" via email to all community members and other interested people. However, there will be no special  section for this anymore at our upgraded website. The previous content in this section is now listed in the following sections: In the new section "Controlling Blog", you can find all monthly feature articles published in the previous "Community Newsletters". The section "Community News" provides the latest and historical news about the community and its events. The section "Training Info" provides information about controlling training seminars which was originally listed in the part "Upcoming Events and Seminars" of the "Community Newsletter".

>> “课题研讨”栏目 | Section "Issue Workshops"


The community will enhance experience sharing and discussion among member companies about diverse hot issues/topics of controlling. It is planned to open several "Issue Workshops" in this year. In the updated section, you can find relevant introduction. Please stay tuned and pay attention to the latest news regarding this section.

其他变化 |  Other Changes

由于技术更新的缘故,平台网站的域名更新为 https://www.chinacontrolling.online, 不过你也可以使用原先的域名 http://community.chinacontrolling.com 访问更新过的平台网站。平台会员服务团队地联系邮箱因此更新为 memberservice@chinacontrolling.online, 不过原先的邮箱 memberservice@community.chinacontrolling.com 也依然有效。

Due to technical upgrading, the domain of this website has been changed to https://www.chinacontrolling.online. But you can still use the old domain name http://community.chinacontrolling.com for visiting our upgraded website. The contact email address of the Member Service Team has been changed to memberservice@chinacontrolling.online, but the old email address memberservice@community.chinacontrolling.com is still valid.

希望您对我们更新过的平台网站感到满意。如果您有任何意见或者改进建议,欢迎您随时联系我们。| We hope that you are satisfied with our upgraded community website. If you have any comment or suggestion for improvement, please feel free to contact us.

Last modified: Monday, 1 April 2019, 4:30 PM