Jerry Lu先生, 克恩-里伯斯中国集团的生产系统经理 | Mr. Jerry Lu, Production System Manager of KERN-LIEBERS Group (China) (copy)


Jerry Lu先生在克恩-里伯斯(KL)中国集团负责KL生产系统的管理。过去两年在KL开展的精益项目多次被国内外知名企业,例如戴姆勒或空客集团企业等参观访问并视为最佳实践。 在汽车行业工作期间,他专注于生产管理,并成功开发并实施了精益生产系统。 Jerry Lu先生毕业于苏州大学管理与工商管理专业,在国内和海外都有丰富的工作经验。

Jerry Lu is leading the KL Production System at KERN-LIEBERS China. The lean projects which where launched in the last two years at KL were visited many times as Best Practice by domestic and foreign well-known enterprises e.g. Daimler or Airbus. During his career in the automotive industry he focused on Operation Management and has successfully developed and implemented Lean Production Systems. Jerry Lu has graduated in Management and Business Administration at Suzhou University and has rich working experiences domestic as well overseas.

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