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  • 会员登记 | Membership Registration

    Welcome to join China Controlling Online Community (CCOC) / ICV China! You can choose one of the following two membership categories | 欢迎您加入中国管理控制网上平台/ICV中国!您可以从以下两类会员类别中挑选适合您的类别。

    • 免费会员登记 | Free Membership Registration

      作为免费会员,您可以得到下列服务 | As free member, you can receive following benefits:
      • Community newsletter via Email and/or WeChat public account (“ChinaControlling“) | 接收平台通过邮件或者微信公众号(“ChinaControlling“)定期推送的社群消息

      • Controlling knowledge content in Chinese or English language at the website of the Community | 浏览平台网站上的中文或英文的管控知识内容

      • Networking with peers in public events of community | 通过参加平台公开活动结交朋友拓展人脉

      请点击这里打开免费会员注册网页,或者扫描下列二维码。 | Please click here or scann the following QR-Code for free membership regisration. 

    • ICV中国会员登记 | ICV China Membership Registration

      ICV China is running as a self-organizing work group of interested ICV members in China (especially in Eastern China). The work group is currently led by Mr. Francesco Ingarsia and Mr. Dr. Zhen Huang. Special benefits for ICV members in China are | ICV中国作为一个德国ICV协会会员在中国国内(特别是华东地区)自行组织的社群小组而运行。该小组目前由Francesco Ingarsia 先生和黄震博士主持。ICV中国小组成员可以享受下列额外优惠:

      • 10% price discount for the annual event “Sino-German Controlling Forum”. | 年度会议“中德管理控制论坛“入场券10%折扣
      • At least 2 x free entry to offline or online events organized by ICV in China in English or Chinese language. | 每年至少2次由ICV中国组织的中文或英语的线下或线上活动。

      If you would like to apply for or maintain your membership in ICV China, you have 2 options | 如果您希望在中国国内申请或继续获得ICV德国 / ICV中国的会员资格,您可以有两条路径 :

      • Option 1: You can ask your employer in China or the parent company of your employer in Germany to pay membership fee for you directly to ICV Germany, either as “Individual Membership” or as “Corporate Membership” | 路径 1:您可以请您所在公司,或者是贵司在德国的母公司,将您的会费直接支付给德国ICV协会,可以是按“个人会员”或者可以是按“公司会员”身份缴费。
      • Option 2: You can pay your membership fee to ICV Germany directly as “individual member” of ICV. | 路径 2:您本人可以直接将会费支付给德国ICV协会,成为ICV的“个人会员”。

      Membership fee | 
      • MEMBERSHIP FEE - Individual membership: EUR 175 p.a.. If you prefer to have membership without the “Controller Magazine” (bi-monthly journal in German language), you pay only 50% of the normal fee or EUR 87.50 p.a. 个人会员年度缴费:每年175欧元。如果您想成为会员但不想获得(德语版双月刊)“管理控制师杂志”,那么您只需支付50%年费即每年87.50欧元
      • MEMBERSHIP FEE - CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP: EUR 875 p.a. (EURO 437,50 p.a. without German Controller Magazine). The fee enables membership at the ICV up to 5 employees of your company. If you join ICV as corporate member after July 1st, half of the annual fee is charged for the current membership year (A membership year at ICV is always a full calendar year).| 公司会员年度缴费:每年875欧元(如果无需订阅德文版的“管理控制师杂志”,那么只需支付437.50欧元)。该年费包含贵司最多5名同事的会员资格。如果贵司是从会员年度的下半年开始缴费的,那么您只需支付上述金额的50%(这里所谓的会员年度是指一个完整的年历年)。

      Detailed information about the “Individual Membership” and “Corporate Membership” of ICV can be found here. And you can do online registration there. | 关于德国ICV协会“个人会员”和“公司会员”的更多信息,请您点击这里了解。您也可以在打开的网页上进行网上会员注册。