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  • 电子票据时代下企业财税管理的机遇与挑战 | The New e-VAT Invoice Regime – Challenges and Opportunities for Finance & Tax Management

            电子票据时代即将到来, 对此企业应结合自身业务发展和内部管理需求,提前布局系统,并在流程,人员岗位等早做准备,才能尽可能地规避风险,充分享受数字化浪潮带来的红利。
            面对电子发票带来的数字化机会,供应商们提供了炫目纷繁的工具和解决方案,作为企业又该从何入手,选择最优路线- 以最低的成本,最优的速度,找到适合本企业的布局,助力本企业的提高财税工作效率。本次活动旨在将与通过分享企业在财税数字化转型中的实践,与您一道思考并讨论在数字化时代财税人员如何为公司的数字化转型增添价值。

    The era of electronic VAT is coming, to this enterprise should be prepared for its strategy based on with their own business and internal management needs, plan ahead on the system configuration, process adaption, as well as trainings, in order to fully enjoy the dividends brought by the digital wave, and avoid any implementation risks.

    IT-System providers are providing dazzling tools and solutions in the market in response to this digital transformation opportunity brought by electronic VAT and related Technology.  As a Company how to configure the best structure that best fit its own business and finance needs? Also, how to achieve the best result at best cost with the right pace?   This event aims to share with you the company's practices in the digital transformation of finance and to have a discussion with you on how Finance professional should prepare to add value to the company in the coming digital age.

  • 目标人群 | Target Group


    Financial managers and Finance professionals who are interested in Tax policies and Accounting processes

    • 时间 | When

      2021722 13:30 - 17:00提供会前冷餐及茶歇 |  July 22, 2021, 13:30 – 17:00 (with cold buffet before the event and tea break during the event)

      • 地点 | Where

        江苏省太仓市上海东路168号 汇金大厦6楼会议室|6th Floor Huijin Building, No.168 East Shanghai Road, Taicang, Jiangsu Province

        • 日程安排 | Event Agenda

          时间 | Time

          活动内容 | Activity

          13:30 – 14:00

          参会者签到,午间冷餐 | Registration, cold buffet and refreshments

          14:00 – 14:10

          主办方欢迎致辞ICV中国,太仓欧商会TRT | Welcome remark provided by the organizers ICV China, TRT)

          14:10 – 14:40

          太仓税务局嘉宾演讲: 从以票控税到以数治税-金税4 期和增值税发票电子化环境下的税收监管 | Presentation of the speakers coming from Tax Bureau Taicang:Trend of Tax supervision and Service under Golden Tax 4th & Digital Invoice

          14:40 – 14:55

          舍弗勒团队嘉宾演讲:数字发票对于企业税务管理的机遇与挑战 |
          Presentation of the speakers coming from
          Schaeffler China Co., Ltd.
          :Opportunities & Challenges for Corporate Tax Management under Digital Invoice

          14:55 – 15:05

          茶歇 | Tea break

          15:05 – 16:05

          舍弗勒团队嘉宾演讲:行稳智远,因票而变 | Presentation of the speakers coming from Schaeffler China Co., Ltd.:Get ready for VAT e-Invoice

          (1) 未来已来, 带你走进舍弗勒的进项发票数字化管理 | The future has come- take you into Schaeffler's digital management of Input VAT Invoice

          (2) 因地制宜,系统配适-销项发票数字化管理 | Challenges in System Selection- Schaeffler's digital management of Output VAT Invoice

          (3) 数字化增值税申报的探索  Discovery of digital VAT filing

          16:05 – 16:45

          群组讨论以及问答 | Panel Discussion and Q&A

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            公司名 称 | Company Name:上海德谌企业管理咨询有限公司 | Shanghai De Chen Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd.

            公司税号 | Corporate Tax No. :91310112598185694N

            公司地址 | Business Address:上海静安区南京西路1717号会德丰国际广场25楼1单元,邮编200040 | 2501 Wheelock Square, 1717 Nanjing West Road, Jing An District, Shanghai 200040

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              舍弗勒(中国)有限公司  | Schaeffler (China) Co., Ltd.

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