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  • 2021年6月17日线下免费讲座:汇率管理与海关政策–机遇和挑战 | Cost-free Salon Event on June 17, 2021: Exchange Rate Management and Customs Policy - Opportunities & Challenges

            本次活动为大家带来两个企业财务人感兴趣的研讨课题 | This event brings to you two topics interesting for financial professionals in many companies:

    >> 课题 | Topic 1:汇率管理 | Exchange Rate Management
    • 当前汇率情况概览
    • 汇率风险管理和财务中性
    • 全口径跨境融资
    Excange rate management can bring many opportunities for improving financial performance and risk management. Establishing effective and efficient excange rate management system should be a major point in business management agenda. How to build up internal exchange rate management system in times of increasing foreign exchange fluctuation, is a common question to be answered by business executives and financial managers in many companies. In this event, the speaker is going to discuss with you about the following points:
    • Exchange rate general situation
    • Exchange rate risk and financial neutrality
    • Full aperture cross boarder financing

    >> 课题 | Topic 2:海关政策 | Customs Policy
    • 海关企业信用管理和资质管理
    • 优化营商环境助力企业发展
    China Customs, together with other border agencies, aims to build the most efficient and effective port management scheme in order to safeguard national security and national interests and to serve the needs of international trade. In this event, the speaker is going to provide to you relevant information about
    • Enterprise credit & qualification management practice of the Customs
    • How the Customs optimize business environment meeting the needs of companies

    • 目标人群 | Target Group

      Financial managers and professionals who are interested in exchange rate management and customs business. 

      • 时间 | When

        2021年6月17日 14:30 - 17:00(活动结束后提供冷餐)  |  June 17, 2021, 14:30 – 17:00 (with buffet after the event)

        • 地点 | Where

          江苏省太仓市上海东路8号交通银行太仓分行 4楼会议室|

          Meeting Room 4, No.8 East Shanghai Road,Taicang,Jiangsu Province

          • 演讲嘉宾和主持 | Event Speaker & Facilitator

          • 日程安排 | Event Agenda

            时间 | Time

            活动内容 | Activity

            14:00 – 14:30

            参会者签到 | Onboarding

            14:30 – 14:50

            主办方欢迎致辞(太仓海关、交通银行、太仓欧商会TRT) | Welcome remark provided by the organizers (Customs District Taicang, Bank of Communication, TRT)

            14:50 – 15:30

            太仓海关嘉宾演讲 | Presentation of the speakers coming from Customs District Taicang

            15:30 – 16:30

            交通银行嘉宾演讲 | Presentation of the speakers coming from Bank of Communication

            16:30 – 17:00

            互动问答和讨论 | Q&A and discussion

            17:00 -

            Buffet | 冷餐会

            • 报名渠道和费用 | Registration Channel & Fee

              报名渠道和费用 Registration Channel & Fee

              本次活动全程免费。|  This event is cost-free for all participants.

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              • 合作伙伴和赞助方 | Cooperation Partners & Sponsors

                活动主办方 | Event Organizers 

                交通银行 | Bank of Communication

                太仓海关 | Customs District Taicang

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