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  • 中国管理控制培训 | China Controlling Training

            CA管理控制学院(以下简称CA)是德语国家领先的专门从事管理控制和管理控制师培训的机构。CA的培训课程以其旗舰产品五阶梯的管理控制和管理控制师培训课程最享盛名,该课程侧重于培训学员如何在实战中应用管理控制的理念和工具。 从1971年CA成立至今(2018年),已有185000多名学员参加了CA的培训,并由此将自己的职业生涯推向了新的高度。CA颁发的培训证书,“CA管理控制师初级证书”和“CA管理控制师高级证书”,在德语国家的企业界广为人知,享有很高的声誉。

            CA认证培训师黄震博士在德文版五阶梯培训课程的基础上,和CA紧密合作开发了中文版五阶梯培训课程。 从2012年夏天起, 该课程通过CA在中国的独家合作伙伴, 上海德谌企业管理咨询有限公司引入中国市场,在中德企业界中受到热烈欢迎和好评。 请点击这里了解该课程的更多信息,包括最新公开课开班计划和报名渠道。

    CA Controller Akademie (CA) is the leading training institution in the German-speaking countries specializing on controlling & controller training. The most famous training product of CA is its flagship product "5-Stages Program for Controlling & Controller Training". Since the establishment of the company in 1971 up to now (2018), more than 185,000 inspired participants have attended CA's seminars, thus taking their careers to new heights. Training certificates issued by CA, such as "Controller's Certificate CA" and "Controller's Diploma CA" are well known and highly valued in the business community in German-speaking countries.

    In close cooperation with CA, Dr Zhen Huang who is a CA-certified trainer, developed the 5-Stages Program in Chinese language based on its German origin. The program in Chinese language has been introduced to local market by CA's exclusive co-operation partner in China, Shanghai De Chen Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd.. It has been very well received by the Sino-German business community. Please click here for more information about this training program including its latest public seminar schedule and enrolment channels.