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  • 新会员注册 | New Member Registration

    Welcome to join China Controlling Online Community (CCOC) / ICV China! You can choose one of the following two membership categories | 欢迎您加入中国管理控制网上平台/ICV中国!您可以从以下三类会员类别中挑选适合您的类别:

    Registered Guest / Free Membership | 注册访客 / 免费会员
    • Community newsletter via Email and/or WeChat public account (“ChinaControlling“) | 接收平台通过邮件或者微信公众号(“ChinaControlling“)定期推送的社群消息

    • Controlling knowledge content in Chinese or English language at the website of the Community | 浏览平台网站上的中文或英文的管控知识内容

    • Networking with peers in public events of community | 通过参加平台公开活动结交朋友拓展人脉

    Standard Membership | 普通付费会员
    • 1 Free Ticket for the annual Sino-German Controlling Forum (2020 Forum ticket price = 1080 RMB for German Chamber Member, and 1680 RMB for Non-Chamber Member) | 可以免费参加年度“中德管理控制论坛” (2020年论坛价格:德商会会员 1080元人民币,非商会会员 1680元人民币)

    • Highly discounted member price for other online or off-line events organized by China Controlling Online Community/ICV China (At least 2 Events besides of SGCF - are planned for 2020/2021, either off-line or on-line) | 可以在参加由中国管理控制网上平台/ICV中国主办的其他线上或线上活动时获得会员折扣优惠价

    • Access to all public and member-only content on the official website of ICV Germany ( and China Controlling Online Community / ICV China. ( | 可以浏览德国ICV协会网站上(所有公开的和会员专属的内容,以及中国管理控制网上平台/ICV中国的网站(上的所有内容

    • Networking with other members via social media (such as joining WeChat Group and/or WeChat Account on voluntary basis) and/or off-line in formal/informal meetings. | 通过社交媒体(比如自愿加入相关的微信群组或微信公众号),和其他会员进行线上或线下沟通交流,构建个人发展的人脉网络。

    • Annual service subscription fee 1680 RMB (including 6% Chinese VAT) | 6%增值税的年度会员服务费是 1680人民币

    Premium Membership | 高级付费会员
    • All services available for Standard Member | 所有普通会员所能享受的服务

    • PlusAnnual subscription of the “Controller Magazin” (CM), the leading bi-monthly publication in German-speaking countries specializing on topics of controlling and controllership  | 额外服务:获得“管理控制师杂志” (Controller Magazine, CM),该双月刊杂志是德语国家企业管理控制和管理控制师领域领先的专业杂志。

      • 6 issues per year as online PDF download in German language | 每年6期,可PDF下载

      • 1 International Supplement in English language which is available online or sent to you for free in September/October | 每年9月或10月会发布1期英语国际版,以线上下载或者实体印刷形式免费邮寄給您

      • Unlimited access to all content of previous issues of CM in online archive at Haufe Online Germany | 通过德国Haufe出版社的网站自由下载查阅该杂志过去年份发布的任何文章内容。

    • Annual service subscription fee 2280 RMB (including 6% Chinese VAT) | 6%增值税的年度服务费是 2280人民币

    Please notice that each membership year starts on September 1st and ends on August 31. | 请注意,平台会员年始于每年9月1日终于下一年的8月31日。

    请点击下载平台服务相关文件了解更多内容 | Please click the following links for download relevant community documents:


    请点击链接打开新会员网上登记表。填表时请标明您是要成为平台免费会员、普通会员还是高级会员。 | Please click the link to open the Online Registration Form for New Member. In the online registration form, you should indicate wether you would like to become a Free Member, Standard Member or Premium Member of our community.

    您也可以使用下面的二维码用手机打开会员网上登记表 | You can also scan the following QR Code for opening the online registration form: