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  • 新会员注册 | New Member Registration

    如果您还不是本平台会员,请注意下列新会员注册流程 | If you haven't been an online user of this website, you are kindly asked to follow the following procedure for new member registration:

    1. 做好新会员注册的准备工作 | Prepare yourself for member registration

    请在注册前仔细阅读下列文件 | Please read the following documents carefully before you start to register:

    - 会员类别及其服务说明 | Member Categories & Service Description

    - 平台会员行为准则 | Code of Conduct for Community Members

    - 隐私数据保护说明 | Data Protection Statements

    2. 在线填写会员报名表 | Fill in the online registration form

    请点击链接打开新会员网上登记表。填表时请标明您是要成为平台免费会员、普通会员还是高级会员, 并说明是否已经阅读并同意平台会员行为准则以及平台隐私数据保护的声明。| Please click the link to open the Online Registration Form for New Members。In the online registration form, you should indicate wether you would like to become a Free Member, Standard Member or Premium Member of our community, and wether you have read and accepted the Code of Conduct for community members and our statements on Data Protection.

    3. 接受平台系统管理员发出的确认邮件 | Receive confirmation email from our System Administrator

    网上注册数据递交成功后,您将会很快收到平台系统管理员发给您的确认电子邮件。| Once you submit your online registrationd data successful, you will receive a confirmation email from our System Administrator.

    如果您在10分钟内没有在您的收件箱中收到确认邮件,请先检查它是否在您的“垃圾邮箱”中。的确没有收到确认邮件的,请电话或者电子邮件联系我们。| If you do not find our confirmation email in your email inbox within 10 minutes, please check wether this email might be in your "spam email" box. If you can't find any email from us, please contact us via email or phone call. 

    4. 如果有必要:支付会员年度服务费 | If applied: Pay the annual membership fee

    如果您申请成为平台普通或高级会员,那么您将会收到我方第二封电子邮件。在此电子邮件中,平台会员服务小组将和您沟通会费缴纳和发票事宜。| If you have applied for the Standard or Premium Membership, you will receive a second email from us. In this email, our Member Service Team will communicate with you about service fee payment and invoicing issues.

    请点击链接了解平台会员付费折扣政策。 | Please click the link to get information about the latest Discount Policy for Membership Fee.

    • 修改已有会员资格 | Change of Current Membership

      如果您已经是本平台网上用户即免费会员,现在想升级成为本平台普通或者高级会员, 或者您想以其他形式更改或者放弃现有会员资格,那么请您联系我们

      If you are already a Free Member or online user of this website and you want to upgrade your membership to become a Standard or Premium Member, or if you wouldl ike to otherwise change or cancel your membership, please contact us.