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  • 2015月7月2日研讨会:税务审计: 发展现状以及应对措施?| Tax Audits - current developments & how to prepare(Chinese)

    本次活动是由上海德商会主办的江苏省外企财务和管控研讨会系列的一部分,其活动资料原先收录于本网站的前身“Online Event Zone”。| This event was a part of the Finance & Controlling Workshop Series organized by German Chamber Shanghai in the province Jiangsu. It was originally documented in "Online Event Zone", the predecessor of this website.

    • 活动计划和宣传资料 | Agenda and Marketing Brochure

      请在此下载本次活动的计划和宣传资料 | Please download the Agenda and Marketing Brochure of this event here.

    • VIP演讲嘉宾的演示文件 | Presentation of VIP Speakers

      演讲嘉宾 1:Benny 张先生,主管,普华永道南京办公室 | VIP Speaker 1: Mr. Benny Zhang, Director of PwC Nanjing
      演讲嘉宾 2:Alex 张先生,高级经理,普华永道上海办公室 | VIP Speaker 2: Mr. Alex Zhang, Senior Manager of PwC Shanghai

      请您注意,部分VIP演讲嘉宾不便把其演示文件的全部提供给大家免费下载和公开传播。 谢谢您的谅解!

      Please note that some VIP speakers may only be able to provide selected charts of his presentation for public distribution or free download. Thank you for your understanding!

      •  嘉宾演讲稿 Speakers' Presentations Folder
        Restricted Available until end of 1 August 2015