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  • 数字化、办公流程自动化和财务管控 | Digitization, Robotics Process Automation and Finance & Controlling

    本次活动由上海德谌咨询和普华永道上海公司合作举办, 并得到德国国际管理控制师协会ICV和德国CA管理控制学院支持。| This event was co-organized by Shanghai De Chen Consulting and PwC Shanghai. It was supported by International Association of Controllers ICV and CA Controller Akademie in Germany.

    欢迎您光临本活动的网上档案区!| Welcome to our online documentation space for our event!

    • 活动议程 | Event Agenda

      本次活动由上海德谌企业管理咨询有限公司的黄震博士,以及普华永道上海办公室的Alexander Prautzsch先生联合主持。下面是本次活动议程一览。

      This event is co-moderated by Dr. Zhen Huang from Shanghai Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd. and Mr. Alexander Prautzsch from PriceWaterhouseCoopers Shanghai Office. Please find the overview on the event agenda here.

    • 活动报道 | Event Report

      请点击下列链接阅读本次活动详细报道。| Please click the following link opening the detailed report on this event.

    • 演示文件1: 数字化及管理控制师4.0 | Presentation I: Digitization and Controller 4.0

      Speaker: Mr. Dietmar Pascher | Partner and Trainer of Controller Akademie AG

      Mr. Dietmar Pascher teaches in the Controller’s Diploma (CA) program and provides training and workshops in German, English, Spanish and French language. Furthermore, he accompanies and coaches companies in putting strategic, operational and financial controlling topics into practices. Mr. Dietmar Pascher is Industrial Engineer for Informatics and Business Administration. He worked as a sales controller in Frischeis AG, Austrian biggest retailer for furniture industry supplies. After that he joint KNAPP AG in Graz, Austria - world leading supplier for warehouse logistics in the retailer business – working as a project manager and controller for international projects. Before joining Controller Akademie, he was director of research and development for KNAPP AG.

      •  Presentation of Mr. Dietmar Pascher: Digitization and Controller 4.0 URL
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    • 演示文件2:办公流程自动化概述 | Presentation II: Robotics Process Automation Overview

      Speaker: Mr. Peter Pang | Senior Manager of PwC

      Mr. Peter Pang performs as senior manager of PwC in consulting department and has more than 12-years-experiences on finance/IT consulting. For many world classis enterprises, he has provided his consulting services. He has rich experiences in financial, flow manufacturing, discrete manufacturing and hi-tech industry. His consulting issues focus mainly on finance transformation, FSSC consulting, ITSP, RPA analysis, system implementation including FSSC platform, ERP, RPA and so on, especially for RPA, Mr. Peter Pang has worked as project manager for several RPA projects.

      •  Presentation of Mr. Peter Pang: Robotics Process Automation Overview URL
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