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  • 欢迎 | Welcome

    本次活动由中国管理控制网上平台/ICV中国和华北德商会沈阳办公室联合举办。 | This event is a joint event co-organized by China Controlling Online Community/ICV China and German Chamber of Commerce North China Shenyang Office.
    • 活动议程 | Event Agenda

      请点击以下链接获取本次活动议程和其他相关信息 | Please click the following link to get the event agenda and other relevant information.

    • 活动报道 | Event Report

      活动报道在这里。 | The event report is here

      • 活动照片 | Event Pictures



        • 演讲嘉宾资料 | Speaker Presentation

          演讲嘉宾 1:仲崇亮先生,精益经理,贺利氏信越石英(中国)有限公司 | VIP Speaker 1: Mr. Leo Zhong, Lean Manager, Heraeus ShinEtsu Quartz(China) Inc.

          演讲嘉宾 2:黄震博士,上海德谌企业管理咨询有限公司首席合伙人 | VIP Speaker 2: Dr. Zhen Huang, Managing Partner,Shanghai De Chen Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd.

          请在此下载演讲者和您分享的文件。部分演讲者没有提供演讲资料供公开下载,或者部分演讲资料只能参会者才能下载, 敬请谅解! | Please download the material shared by the speakers here. We are sorry that some speakers did not provide their presentation for free download or some presentation material is only available for event participants.