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  • 演讲报告 | Event Presentations

            您可以在本平台网站看到下列演讲报告 |  On this website, you can get presentation papers coming from the following events :

            请点击上面的链接进入相关页面浏览。请您注意,,部分演讲报告只有当您是相关论坛或者活动的报名参与者时才能打开, 这是因为部分演讲嘉宾只希望那些当时报名参加过论坛会议或讲座活动的人得到他们的演讲报告。|  Please click the links above to surf on the relevant pages. Please notice that, for opening some of the presentation papers, you should have been a registered participant of the relevant Forum or Event, because some authors only allow the registered participants of the relevant Forum or Event to read their papers.

            国际管理控制师协会ICV在其官网上也有不少公开的管控知识内容, 其德文页面请点击这里,英文页面请点击这里。| International Association of Controllers ICV has published many controlling-related content on its website. The German content can be found here. The English content can be found here.

            另外,您也可以关注本平台“相关链接”页面上的网上资源。| Additionally, you can get online resources in the field of finance & controlling through our web page "Relevant Links".