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  • 地区群组简介 | Regional Groups Introduction

    地区群组里,您可以和与您同城或同地区会员开展非正式的社交联谊活动, 比如管控师晚餐聚会或者周末联谊活动等。由于目前大多数平台会员分布在上海和周边城市,我们已开辟华东地区群组网上空间。


    In a Regional Group, you can meet other members who are located in the same city or region as yours in informal events, such as Controllers' Dinner Party or Weekend Outings etc. As most of our community members are currently located in Shanghai and neighboring cities, we have opened the online space for the regional group East China

    If you have any question about informal events of members in your region, or if you would like to initiate a new Regional Group in your city or region, please don’t hesitate to contact us.