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    总部位于德国的国际管理控制师协会(德语名称:Internationaler Controller Verein, 简称ICV)由CA管理控制学院的创始人阿尔布莱西特 • 戴勒博士及其培训学员共同创建于1975年。截至到2017年,ICV已拥有6000多名会员,分布在30多个国家中。ICV是国际领先的专门面向财务和管控专业人士和具有管控思维的非财经理人的专业协会,为那些对“德国风格”的企业管理和财务管控实践感兴趣的人士提供了一个良好的平台。请点击下载下列文件或者访问ICV英文网站了解更多信息。

    International Association of Controllers (in German: Internationaler Controller Verein, ICV) has its HQ in Germany. Founded by Dr. Albrecht Deyhle and the alumni of the CA Controller Akademie in 1975, ICV has currently 6000+ members in more than 30 countries at the end of 2017. It is a leading international association of finance & controlling managers and professionals as well as controlling-minded non-finance mangers who are interested in the "German-style" practice of controlling and business administration. Please download the following documents or visit the official website of ICV in English language for more information.

  • ICV 华东小组 | ICV East China

    2018年春天,ICV宣布在上海成立ICV华东地区小组。| In Spring 2018, ICV announced the set up of ICV Regional Group “East China" in Shanghai.

    该ICV地区小组的小组长是 | The leaders of this ICV Regional Group are:

    • Francesco Ingarsia 先生,舍弗勒大中华区财务总监  | Mr. Francesco Ingarsia, CFO at Schaeffler Group Greater China
    • Alexander Tobert 先生,克恩-里伯斯中国集团财务总监 | Mr. Alexander Tobert, CFO at Kern-Liebers China Group
    • 黄震博士,管理咨询顾问和培训师 | Dr. Zhen Huang, Management Consultant & Trainer

    如果您是ICV中国会员,您可以点击这里进入ICV会员专享空间。 如何有任何问题,请联系您的会员服务团队。| If you are a member of ICV China, you can click here to enter the ICV Member-Only online space. If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact your Member Service Team.  
    • 德国ICV会员须知 | Info for German ICV Members

      如果您是直接在德国ICV注册的ICV会员,并希望能参加本平台的活动, 我们欢迎您提交申请成为本平台会员。 作为本平台免费会员, 您可以定期收到我方讲座或其他活动的信息和消息。 如果您想成为本平台的普通会员或者高级会员,得到更多本平台的服务,那么您只需要支付本平台会员年度服务费和德国ICV协会年费之间的差额就可以了。请点击这里提交您的申请。 如果您需要协助, 请联系本平台会员服务团队。 

      If you are an ICV member directly registered at ICV Germany and you would like to join the activities of our community, you are welcome to apply for membership of this community. As a free member of our community, you will be able to receive regular news and information about our events and activities. If you would like to become a Standard or Premium member of our community and receive more services, you need only to pay the difference between the membership fee of CCOC and the membership fee of ICV Germany. Please follow this link for your membership application. If you need any assistance, please contact our member service team.