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  • 平台简介 | Community Profile

    我们的愿景 | Our Vision

    中国管理控制网上平台(简称CCOC)是 | China Controlling Online Community (CCOC) is :

    • 一个旨在转播知识、促进沟通和分享经验的线上和线下的平台 | an online and offline platform of knowledge information, communication and experience sharing,

    • 主要面向中德企业界财务和管控方面的专业人士,以及对企业管控感兴趣的非财经理人 | for finance & controlling managers and specialists as well as controlling-minded non-finance executives and professional in Sino-German business community,

    • 以帮助他们更好地了解和实践“德式风格”的管理控制,提升所在企业的业务和财务绩效 | who are interested in understanding and practicing „German-Style“ controlling philosophy and concepts for achieving business performance excellence.

    我们的服务 | Our Services

    本平台向会员提供企业财务和管控方面的相关服务,比如 | CCOC provides to its members relevant services in the field of Finance & Controlling, such as 

    会员类别 | Member Categories

    本平台目前定义三个不同的会员类别, 分别是 | There are currently three different categories of community membership which are

    • 免费会员 | Free Member

    • 普通会员 | Standard Member

    • 高级会员 | Premium Member

    免费会员无需付费即可获得本平台的某些服务,普通会员和高级会员需要支付本平台年度服务费。不同的会员类别可以获得的服务类型和水平也不相同, 请点击这里了解详情。| Free Member can use certain services of the community for free. Standard and Premium Member are community members with annual service subscription. Members in different categories will receive different types and level of services. Please click here for detailed information.

    如果您想成为本平台注册会员,请您首先也仔细阅读一下本平台会员应该遵循的行为准则以及我们的隐私保护声明,之后进行免费的网上会员注册。| If you would like to become our community member, you should also read carefully our Code of Conduct for all community members and our Data Protection Statements, before you start with cost-free online member registration. 

    ICV战略合作 | Strategic Cooperation with ICV

    从2017年末起,本平台和总部位于德国的国际管理控制师协会(德语名称:Internationaler Controller Verein, 简称ICV)开展战略合作 | From the fall of 2017 on, CCOC has started its strategic partnership with International Association of Controllers (in German: Internationaler Controller Verein, ICV):

    • 对于在中国工作生活的德国ICV会员来说,本平台为他们提供一个在中国自发开展活动的“本地家园” | ICV members who are working and living in China can use the platform of CCOC as "local home base" for their self-organized member activities,

    • 订购了本平台年度服务的本平台会员,将自动成为德国ICV的会员,可以从ICV提供的知识分享以及专家网络获益。| CCOC members with annual community service subscription receive automatically ICV membership so that they can take benefits from the knowledge base and professional network of ICV.

    关于 ICV 和平台其他合作伙伴的介绍, 请点击这里查看。| More information about ICV and our other cooperation parteners of this platform can be found here.